Why are ergonomic chairs important? | FAQ

Ergonomic Chairs reduce back pain – True or False?

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An ergonomic chair should offer several adjustments including seat height and back height adjustment: the seat pan must adjust back and forth for perfect seat depth; a lumbar adjustment supports your lower back and; chair tilt is adjustable in order for you to maintain perfect seat angle in relation to the floor.

The most important reason that ergonomic chairs like IChair Junior will improve your back pain is that they are designed to support your natural posture and to reduce stressful forces on your body. The chair backs (IChair Junior or Mesh Chairs) are typically adjustable and also full length extending from your shoulders to the seat.

How do I properly configure my office chair?

  1. Both feet are placed directly and securely on the floor, not dangling on the foot ring.
  2. Thighs are parallel to the ground.
  3. Adjust the back seat mechanism to lean back and support the spine.
  4. Open the chest and relax the shoulders while making chair adjustments.