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Ergonomic Children Study Table Set

Ergonomic Children Study Table Set

Ergonomics For Children: The Importance Of Getting Your Child’s Posture Right

Choosing a good Ergonomic Study Furniture for your child

Stop for a moment to think… imagine this situation that your child is faced every single day at school… 

As your precious little ones embark on yet another learning journey in school, it’s become very important for them to have a good set of ergonomic furniture that helps them concentrate well.

Did you realise that in most Singapore classrooms, our dear students normally sit on rigid plastic chairs and desks that are not ergonomically designed? And they do sit on these poorly ergonomic designed furniture in school on an average of 6 hours a day.

Once your child gets back from school, he or she might also be spending an average of an hour or more sitting down using his study table to do homework or revision. Stop before you head to your friendly  neighbourhood furniture shop to buy a new study furniture for your kid.

Conventional Chairs Vs Ergonomic Children Chairs

Best Ergonomic Children Furniture Singapore - Ergonomic Children Chair

Kids Ergonomic Singapore | Kids Study Table and Chair (Adjustable Height Study Table & Chairs)

It is common that in wanting to save money, sometimes parents will buy adult-sized furniture so their kids can grow into it. But parents often do not realise that their kids have to strain their bodies to accommodate the furniture, children could develop injuries such as musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) that can affect muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves and joints.

The importance of Ergonomics

Conventional chairs that we see have a rigid seat that inclines backwards and merges into a seating hollow. The children are seated in unsupportive chairs or at the wrong desk height can experience immediate and cumulative effects over time. This can be made worse when they have poor postural habits.

Ensure the correct height of furniture

Ergonomic Children Study Desk Sets

  • Make sure that the chair enables your child to sit with their feet flat on the ground and their knees forming an angle of at least 90 degrees.
  • The same goes for the desk; the child should be able to rest their elbows comfortably on the desk with an angle of at least 90 degrees.
  • There should also be sufficient clearance under the desk for the legs; optimally 15 inches for knees and 24 inches for the feet.

Whether it’s homework or play, your children are always spending some hours a day on their desk. And this amount of time will increase as the child progresses on to the formal education years and tertiary.

A child’s development years are crucial. If their postures are not corrected or encouraged right from the start, the effects of prolonged sitting in non posture correcting chairs or non ergonomic children chair may lead to long-term issues, such as musculoskeletal disorders and chronic pains.

Ergonomic Furniture that Grows with your Child

The term “ergonomics” comes from the Greek words ergon (meaning “work”) and nomos (meaning “rule”) and is defined as the science of human work. Its primary concern is to adapt the working conditions to the individual, and not the opposite. The interaction between the human body and its surroundings and furniture is of key importance. When sitting at a desk, the primary concern is for ergonomic sitting.

This is the physiologically optimum position, one that is relaxed and therefore aids concentration while preventing postural damage, backache and headache. Desks, chairs and office furniture should therefore be ergonomic.

Ergonomic Furniture that Grows with your Child - L Shaped Ergonomic Study Table

In order to achieve a healthy sitting posture, it must be possible to adjust the workstation, both the chair and the desk, to the child’s height and proportions. Adjusting the furniture starts with the chair. The second step is to adjust the height of the desk.

Adjust the seat height of chair such that the front edge of the seat is roughly level with the back of the knees. The seat height is right when the angle between the thigh and the trunk is approximately 100 degrees and the feet are flat on the floor.

Tilting the seat slightly to the front encourages the child to sit upright and be focused while working at the table. The pelvis is tilted slightly forward and the back is straight. A flexible seat also encourages dynamic sitting.

The seat depth is adjusted so that the thighs rest completely against the front edge of the seat without pressure. The gap between the front edge of the chair and the calf should be about the width of four fingers. This ensures unhindered blood circulation in the legs.

The height of the backrest is set so that the trunk is supported all the way up to just below the shoulder blades. This relieves pressure when leaning back.

Adjustable Height Ergonomic Children Study Table

To adjust the height of the desk, place the arms on the desktop. Adjust the height of the desk until the child’s elbows are at an angle of slightly more than 90 degrees.

The lower arms should rest on the desktop when working. This ensures that the neck and shoulder muscles remain relaxed.

Best Ergonomic Children Furniture Singapore (Ergonomic Desgined Study Table & Chairs) by Innoplan Technology

While we can’t change the chairs that are used in school, what is within control is that we can provide a more ergonomic-friendly environment for our children at home and that is by investing in the best ergonomic children furniture in singapore.

Best Ergonomic Children Furniture Singapore - Ergonomic Children Chair

So start investing in an ergonomic study table and chair so that this can prevent your child from developing poor postural habits, as these ergonomically designed children furniture will ensure that he or she is in a comfortable and relaxed position. And this creates a more conducive and effective learning environment for your child.

Ergonomic Children Furniture Singapore is always here to help ensure that your child gets the best ergonomic study table and best ergonomic study chair. We are experts at designing and manufacturing Ergonomic Children Furniture in Singapore. Check the furniture that we have on sale at this website! See you at the checkout!

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